Made in Bled (Raï'n Bled mixé par Dj Chemssy)
Album Title: Made in Bled (Raï'n Bled mixé par Dj Chemssy)
Artists: Dj Chemssy
Released: 2005-01-17
Format: MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Genre: Arabic,World,Music
Price: Free
Catalog Number: 72165 54958

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Intro.mp3, Gouli gouli.mp3, Douar zine.mp3, Mama ma.mp3, Aliana.mp3, Hay hay.mp3, Chadi badi.mp3, Ma nemehiche.mp3, Sobri sobri.mp3, Joséphine.mp3, Bahr elghadar.mp3, N'bette n'chouf.mp3, Raïkoum ya ma.mp3, Jamais nwaliha.mp3, Ya waadi.mp3, Hadi hala.mp3, Les mariés.mp3, Daba daba.mp3, La camel.mp3, Douar loto.mp3, Maria maria.mp3, Chérie bye bye.mp3, El ghalba.mp3, Bel central.mp3, Tele boutique.mp3, Y telefleque raÏ.mp3, Ya chérie ya Omri.mp3,

About Dj Chemssy

Made in Bled (Raï'n Bled mixé par Dj Chemssy)

Dj Chemssy

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    1:02 Intro.mp3
    3:10 Gouli gouli.mp3
    2:14 Douar zine.mp3
    3:11 Mama ma.mp3
    2:58 Aliana.mp3
    3:01 Hay hay.mp3
    3:01 Chadi badi.mp3
    2:55 Ma nemehiche.mp3
    2:46 Sobri sobri.mp3
    3:02 Joséphine.mp3
    3:38 Bahr elghadar.mp3
    2:26 N'bette n'chouf.mp3
    2:52 Raïkoum ya ma.mp3
    3:15 Jamais nwaliha.mp3
    3:09 Ya waadi.mp3
    3:30 Hadi hala.mp3
    2:47 Les mariés.mp3
    3:07 Daba daba.mp3
    2:56 La camel.mp3
    2:28 Douar loto.mp3
    3:09 Maria maria.mp3
    3:38 Chérie bye bye.mp3
    2:10 El ghalba.mp3
    2:21 Bel central.mp3
    2:33 Tele boutique.mp3
    1:40 Y telefleque raÏ.mp3
    1:50 Ya chérie ya Omri.mp3
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